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About Samtak – Samtak.fo

Samtak is an association of trade unions mostly representing un-skilled workers. It is one of the largest national trade union confederation in the Faroe Islands, and is recognized as a representative workers’ organisation in both the private and the public sector.

Samtak consists of four labour unions: Føroya Arbeiðarafelag, Føroya Fiskimannafelag, Klaksvíkar arbeiðskvinnufelag og Klaksvíkar arbeiðsmannafelag, with approximately 5.600 workers, who are members of one of Samtaks’s affiliated unions.

Samtak, as well as the local labour unions, main objective is to handle employee interests sush as: providing information about the labour market and its rules, providing legal advice, securing a minimum wage, and helping workers if problems arise.
You need to be a member to access these services and benefits. In order to be a member, you must pay an annual fee. The unions’ main task is to uphold and advance workers’ rights and benefits.

Why be a member?

By becoming a member of one of Samtaks four affiliated unions, you are secured certain conditions in your employment and wage. You will get the advantages of the collective agreement between Samtak and the employers’ federations.
Membership gives you access to relevant benefits, such as: working hours and wages, increase in salary due to length of service or age, sickness and accident insurance for members (and children of members), insurance schemes tailored to the work environment, pension, off-duty hours, free legal advice concerning work or private life, etc.