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General rights – Samtak.fo


Working hours

Work in excess of normal working hours is compensated with an overtime supplement – normal working hours are defined as starting at 7.00 AM and may not continue after 18.00 PM on weekdays


Holiday allowance
In general, the annual holiday entitlement is five weeks, in addition to public holidays. All salary earners accumulate a right to a certain number of holidays, with or without pay/allowance. For hourly paid workers, the allowance is 12% of their wages. Monthly paid salary earners are entitled to paid holiday and a holiday contribution at 1.5 % of wages earned in the previous year.
The annual holiday allowance is paid out once a year before the 2nd of May.


As an hourly paid worker you do not have the right to receive pay from your employer while you are sick. Instead you can apply for a sickness benefit from the Department of Social Services, Almannaverkið. If you have had employment for at least 5 weeks before the sick leave begins, the loss of income due to illness entitles you to sickness benefit. The maximum period of receiving the benefit is 40 weeks. The benefit is 80 % of a worker’s wage and is calculated according to your average income over the last 5 weeks before calling in sick. To get the benefit certain conditions apply, e.g. the Social Services must receive the application within 30 days from the first day of absence, and if offered, you have a duty to accept any medical treatment helping you regain the ability to work, in order to keep your entitlement to sickness benefit.

By law fishermen are guaranteed a sickness benefit if certain conditions are met, such as a doctor’s certificate and an approval statement from the captain on the ship.
For further information, see www.av.fo or contact Almannaverkið, tel. 360000


As a main rule wages are not regulated by law in the Faroe Islands and there is, for instance, no general minimum wage. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear and unambiguous written employment contract stipulating your wages.

Depending on the labour market sector in which you are employed, wages may be defined in collective agreements or contracts between the employers’ federation and unions. As a member in Samtak you are always secured certain conditions in your employment and wage.



All employees are entitled to take leave due to pregnancy, birth and parental leave, and all wage-earners who are registered and pay tax in the Faroe Islands have the right to paid leave when having a child. Parents are entitled to share 52-weeks´ leave after childbirth. For an hourly employed worker who earns more than 25.000 kr. the payment has a maximum of 25.000 a month. For further information see: www.barsil.fo or contact the Parental Leave Fund, tel. 352600



Different terms and conditions apply to dismissals and the period of notice correlates to the seniority of the employee. For an hourly employed worker who has been employed for 6 months, the period of notice is at least 7 working days. While for an employee receiving regular monthly wages under the terms of the agreement of Føroya Arbeiðarafelag, and who has worked for more than 6 months and less than 2 years, the period of notice for dismissal is 2 months. When work comes to a halt because of bad weather or lack of raw materials, the periods of notice do not apply and workers are not entitled to receive pay from their employer. Instead, a system applying for workers in the on- land fish processing sector is available through the Unemployment Fund, ALS.
For further information see: www.als.fo or contact the Unemployment Fund, tel. 349550